Our Story

Elm Candle Bar was started by 3 of us: cousins, all very different personalities like chalk and cheese, with diverse 9-to-5's. As aspiring business owners, we were intrigued by this one common product: the candle. And our shared fascination of this coziness-curator is what ignited the idea into a brick and mortar. 

A candle is never heard, but can influence our emotions just like that favorite song. It throws light in a small area, but casts an entire atmosphere. We fell in love with this unique product that dilutes stress into relaxation; a little flame that can increase self-awareness, or spark romance in an evening.

That all said, it may be the one thing that serves pleasantries even when it's "off," purely by its scent. So, we're maximizing on the freedom here! The ability to simply imagine is thrilling, and we’re becoming fun experts. We hope to accelerate your creativity through a unique and joyful experience: do-it-yourself candles with picked-it-yourself scents that will customize your living space into “home."

A little wax. A bitty wick. A plethora of aromatic oils. And then, let there be light.